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Agile is always open to changes. Ring a bell?

Of course agile is always welcoming when it comes to changes as the whole idea is to evolve through iterations. However, what we should understand (and it is quite important) is that being open to changes is in no way the same as accepting chaos.

Often, we end up in scenarios where new updates come up until the last minute even after freezing the requirements. Especially in a scrum model, after sprint backlog is defined, ad-hoc requests come in all the time. …

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I wanted to write about one of the very few things I like about Scrum — Retrospectives.

I’d not say my exposure to agile is rudimentary, but I still consider myself a novice to this field. Yes, even after being part of 20+ agile projects in my entire career, this holds true.

For me, retrospective is a chance to learn the big 3 lessons.

What went well?

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I thought it would be nice to catch up with what was happening in YouTube. I stumbled upon one such video of America’s Got Talent where this amazing choir group performed a fantastic song. At the end, the group got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. To my surprise, Terry Crews, the host came and he was all tears. The group belonged to Detroit, where Terry himself was from. While that was an emotional moment, what caught my attention was this one sentence he said.

“All it takes is one person to believe in a young man…

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